Who are we?

Shirley Bell began painting in watercolor at age 25. She is continuously inspired by her natural surroundings on Conanicut Island, centered in Narragansett Bay in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Shirley's originals began selling in galleries and gift shops throughout the country. In 2006 she launched the company Shirley Bell Designs which features hundreds of her images gracing prints, stationery, and gift items.

Where are we?

Shirley Bell Designs operates from a studio in Jamestown, Rhode Island. Jamestown is a rocky outcrop of 10 square miles in the middle of Narragansett Bay, where I have lived for most of my life. My husband and I love to garden, wander our picturesque North End neighborhood, and visit the many sea and landscape vistas on the island. Many of my images are plein air paintings of our New England cliffs and farms, as well as flora and fauna from the island and our beloved gardens.

Contact Us

1035 East Shore Road

Jamestown, RI 02835


401-423-0811 (phone)

Why should you buy from us?

The beauty and simplicity of Shirley Bell Designs offerings is what sets this company apart from the world of mass production. Each image in Shirley's range is created by hand in her art studio, and every image has touched her life in some way. The short run fabrication process is all done on site, paying attention to every last detail. We use the highest quality materials from American companies. Always environmentally conscious, we recycle, and use as many recycled products as possible. Best of all; Shirley Bell Designs is still headed by its founder Shirley Bell, although Shirley has taken on a life partner- her husband Rolf - he is now in charge of the production side of the business.

What we believe

We believe it is a gift to be remembered by receiving a beautiful card with a simple note from a loved one. A special card is often saved as a memento or left out simply to admire.

We believe in keeping our designs simple and clean, leaving room for the card giver to add a message the artwork may reflect.

We believe in supporting other small businesses and in giving back to our community.

We believe in thanking our customers for their continued support and encouragement. Also, in accommodating them as much as possible.

We believe in having fun at work and consuming chocolate in times of stress!

Who maintains this website?

This website is maintained by our long time neighbors and friends, the Murray family. This website generates the bulk of our income, and we depend on you, our customers, for your support. Thanks!

More questions?

If you have more questions, please read through our FAQ or contact us by email.